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Doris Long Rappels 200 feet or more each year for charity

Doris Long carried out her first abseil when she was 85 years old and currently holds the world record for the oldest person to rappel. She has carried out a total of 16 descents for the charity. This great-great-grandmother celebrated her 99th birthday by rappelling down a Hampshire building in the UK. She descended Portsmouth University's 110ft (35m) Mercantile House in a bid to break her own record and raise money for Rowans Hospice. On her 96th birthday she rappelled 200ft down Millgate House and she raised £1,425 for the Rowan’s Hospice. Despite drizzle and winds which threatened to bring the abseil to a halt, she reached the ground safely accompanied by loud applause and St George’s church bell ringing in celebration. She told us: “The main thing is don’t just sit getting old, get out, be active, enjoy yourself and help others. My motto is - do unto others as you would be done unto.”

Well done Doris!


AGCT Aug. 7-9 Event offers more than just caving

Rafting is very popular in the summer around Trout Lake, WA. If you have a little extra time, why don't you pick up an oar and join in the fun? Meanwhile, don't forget to visit our Facebook events page to keep updated on the latest news and registration dates here.


EWLS Photography Contest Participant Christine Grosart Believes Caving Should Be Accessible to Everyone

Christine Grosart was born into caving, as it was very much a family affair. Both her mother and uncle enjoy the sport. She has discovered virgin cave of her own by cave diving and has extensive experience in caves across the globe. Christine founded WetWellies Caving ,<> in 2012 to offer adults the opportunity, experience , and education about caving without fear of being the 'newbie'. "I aim to provide high quality education right from the outset" Christine explains, "My cavers get to learn the ropes - quite literally - and will get lectures in geology, cave conservation, have a go at navigation and even get involved in photography … Not everyone has the same opportunities I had" she explains, "Caving is very much a [niche] activity in the UK and even those who want to have a go, can find caving clubs and the sometimes 'clicky' nature of the caving scene quite daunting."

There is no 'follow me sin…

Waterfall Near AGCT Event on Aug. 7-9

Check out the view you will enjoy ... walking distance from the AGCT event campsite. AMAZING!!!!

Falls Creek Falls is among the largest and most powerful waterfalls in southern Washington. Fed by an extensive network of springs and streams originating on the Red Mountain plateau - itself a product of the volcanic eruptions which created nearby Big Lava Field - Falls Creek sends a considerable volume of water hurtling 335 feet over its valley's headwall in three distinct steps. The upper tier veils 109 feet in a broad fan-shaped fall which skips down the initial tier of the cliff. Shortly after, the creek spreads out to a breadth of over 100-feet across a gently domed ledge and plunges 135 feet in several segments. After gathering through a cluster of large boulders which have fallen off the adjacent cliffs, the third tier leaps a final 91-feet into a narrow amphitheater gorge. Shortly downstream of the falls are a series of sliding cascades as well, though views …

Lois Manno's "Visions Underground"

Female Caver and author, Lois Manno, offers her book "Visions Underground" in the NSS bookstore. It traces the history of the artists and photographers who have explored the awe-inspiring forms and colors in one of the most extensive cavern systems in the world. The book includes images from the first caver/artist to capture the cave's mysteries in oil and canvas, to contemporary, surrealistic, photographs of cave pearls, soda straws, and pristine pools of blue-green water.


Come Prepared to AGCT Aug. 7-9

If you have never been to Trout Lake, WA to cave, you are missing out BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Come to our annual event this August and enjoy some of the nearly 1000 caves available just off the roadside! The cave trips will be posted later this month. Until then, RSVP on our events page.
Here is an image of the Trout Lake Grocery Store. This store is family-owned and the only place in town to buy supplies. People are kind and welcoming in town. You can even rent rooms here (but book fast because only 2 rooms are available). Make sure to bring important items (like bug spray and knee pads). August is usually hot and the caves are mild. Most do not require warm gear, but they do require gear that can take abrasion. All of our caves are lava tubes. Most are walking/crawling and ideal for bringing new cavers, cave photographers, children, and family. Several gated caves will be featured so this is a special treat!

Visit the Facebook event page here
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Top 10 Women Cavers in Pop Culture

These interesting characters were compiled from the EWLS Pinterest page. Find us on Pinterest for more interesting content.

The Decent - 2005
On vacation with her friends after her husband and daughter encounter a tragic accident, she goes hiking with her friends and gets trapped in a cave filled with strange blood-thirsty creatures.

Lego Cave Explorer
Series 2 Girl Themed Figure

Alice in Wonderland - 1951
After traveling through a rabbit hole (cave), Alice discovers an amazing world where she discovers also how brave she really is.

Clan of the Cave Bear - 1986
A band of cave-dwellers adopt blond and blue-eyed Ayla as a child. Ayla matures into a young woman of spirit and courage unlike other women of the clan. She must fight for survival against the jealous bigotry of Broud, who will one day be clan leader.

Ep Crood
The Croods - 2013
Ep Crood grew up in a cave and she is braver than everyone in her family. She is determined to get out and explore the world.


Joel's Helmet by Cheryl Suitor



Cheryl Suitor: mother, artist, teacher, and caver

Cheryl Suitor is a mother, artist, teacher, and caver. She regularly leads NSS youth cave trips and assists her husband in the the preservation of one of the NSS preserves, John Guilday Caves Nature Preserve, in Pendleton County, West Virginia. She earned a Bachelors degree in art education from The University of Maryland in 1984 and a Masters degree from Towson State University in 1994. Suitor taught art in Baltimore, Maryland at Holabird Middle School for one year and at Essex Elementary School for 10 years. For the past 17 years she has taught elementary art in Loudoun County, Virginia. She is also a studio artist and enjoys painting nature scenes. In 2012 she earned an honorable mention for one of her art pieces in the NSS Salon. Thank you for supporting cave conservation, education, and exploration Cheryl!


Lois Manno - 2006 Arts & Letters Honorable Mention Winner

Lois Manno - 2006 Arts & Letters Honorable Mention Winner